Our Services

Marketing Representation

We possess superior presentation and communications skills which allow us to help landowners attain maximum realistic value of their land in an outright sale of a whole or divided parcel.

Value Assessment

We monitor sales activities in a wide area of Central Texas, allowing us to quickly and accurately help landowners determine a realistic and/or optimistic valuation of their land.

Buyer Representation

Our extensive knowledge of Central Texas land markets is unmatched, qualifying us to expertly represent individuals, families or corporations in their search for properties best suited to their particular requirements, however we do not represent small tract developers.

Joint Venture Enhancement/Development

We will partner with landowners to help restore their property to its most desirable appearance & functionality, then market it at maximum value as a whole or in divided large parcels, protecting it from small tract subdividing through the use of covenants or conservation easements.

Private Treaty Services

We can arrange for a quick, final sale of all or part of your land through a private treaty transaction.

Expert Witness Services

We are known for our unique ability to illustrate and discuss diminution in value to lands affected by utility company distribution lines and other unwanted surface intruders.


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